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  • January - "Voices Against Violence" by Rebekkah Bravo Rechter
  • March - "Welcome to Bench & Bar" by Rebekkah Bravo Rechter


  • November - "Why Diversity Matters" by Rebekkah Bravo Rechter

  • September - "YLS" by Rebekkah Bravo Rechter

  • July - "YLS Column" by Rebekkah Bravo Rechter

  • May - "Take Time to Think" by Nathan Billings

  • March - "Delegation" by Nathan Billings


  • November - Effective Meetings - The “UpsideDown” Agenda by Nathan Billings

  • September - "Lawyers Need A Plan For Life" by Nathan Billings

  • July - "Lawyers as Leaders" by Nathan Billings

  • May - "Why Choose Law:  Diversity Matters" by Adrienne Godfrey Thakur and "Domestic Violence Issues" by Roula Allouch

  • March - "Nathaniel A. Harper Award Call for Nominations" by Stephanie Renner

  • January - "Outstanding Young Lawyer Call for Nominations" by Jennifer H. Moore 

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